About Rewayat

Rewayat is a subsidiary of Kalimat Group in the UAE. The house specializes in publishing Arabic and translated novels targeting young adults and adults, using advanced methods of publishing adopted in the contemporary publishing industry. Riwayat strives to become an open house for literary talent in the Gulf region and Arab world.

Rewayat is committed to high publishing standards. This will be reflected in the book making process from choosing the titles, the editing, and production. Through wide-ranging distribution channels, the books will be available to the public in various bookstores and local and international book fairs.

Kalimat Group

kalimat_group_aboutKalimat Group is the regional frontrunner in the field of Arabic Literature publishing, dedicated to progress through innovation.We aim to inspire people’s passion for reading through excellence in publishing in a rewarding, creative, and motivated working environment that attracts the best talent in the industry.
Kalimat Group is comprised of “Kalimat”, an award-winning publisher of Arabic children’s books; “Horouf”, first-of-its-kind initiative that offer a modern and integrated educational system in Arabic language; “Rewayat”, specialized in chapter books targeting Adults and YA. In addition to “Maktaba”, the outstanding literary café that offers a unique environment that enrich the passion of reading.